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The Next Generation of Leadership


Regional Leadership Forum

Regional Leadership Forum (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Jim Clifton, Gallup’s chairman and CEO, says businesses have, in most cases, maximized every possible benefit from practices based on neoclassical economics, such as Six Sigma, reengineering, and total quality management. The significant competitive advantages from these practices have hit a point of diminishing returns, he adds. Most well-run companies have wrung almost every efficiency they can from their operations — and their competitors have too. So have we reached the end? Are there no worlds left to conquer?

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Complaint against United States Dept. of HHS, Treasury, and Labor, and the Illinois Dept. of Insurance



U.S Postage Stamp, 1957

U.S Postage Stamp, 1957 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


One of the First PRIVATELY owned companies sues the Feds over Religious Liberty Date: Friday, August 24, 2012 7:46:07 AM Thy Kingdom Come! Dear Friends in Christ, I am passing on this note from my parents asking for prayers. Their situation is unique since it’s one of the first privately owned companies to file a lawsuit vs. the State and Federal government. They will be on Fox and Friends tomorrow morning, Saturday, August 25; somewhere between 6am-10am. This fight for religious freedom can only be won with the grace of God and the support of all. There’s no one on the bench in this game….


Complaint against United States Dept. of HHS, Treasury, and Labor, and the Illinois Dept. of Insurance.


PepsiCo’s views on sustainably feeding the world | Sustainability content from New Hope 360

NBJ: How can we feed a planet of eight billion people? Will we feed them well?

Mehmood Khan: I’m a clinician, so when I think about feeding people, I think about feeding them well in the same context. If we look at where we are going as a society, we will have to use our land and resources—water in particular—far more efficiently and far more effectively.

Eighty percent of the world’s water is used by agriculture, and therefore by the food industry and consumers in our food supply. How do we sustain that at a time when water supplies are shrinking? With no more land available for agriculture?

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Chardon School Shooting’s Hero Teachers – The Daily Beast

Modern Day Hero’s  in action... The quick and fearless actions of two men, Frank Hall and Joseph Ricci, helped to prevent an even greater tragedy from occurring at Chardon High School after a gunman opened fire, students tell Matt DeLuca. Plus, breaking updates.

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Chardon School Shooting’s Hero Teachers – The Daily Beast.

President Obama Speaks at National Prayer Breakfast

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WASHINGTON, DC (Catholic Online) – President Barack Obama spoke to the National Prayer Breakfast  at the Washington Hilton on Thursday, February 2, 2012. His words were well delivered. As a Christian, a Roman Catholic, I want to give him the respect due his office. I also try to give him the benefit of the doubt because he professes to believe in the same Savior whom I also profess – but it is getting harder and harder.

I will not refrain from pointing out the blatant and dangerous contradictions between his words and his actions as the President of the United States. You can read the full text of his address on several sources. Here is one with no discernible partisan leaning.

I am sure these words will soon be on the White House web site. I am also sure they will be utilized repeatedly as his campaign for reelection moves into high gear. He will attempt once again to persuade Catholics and other Christians to support his candidacy. The campaign has a “catholic strategy”. It is precisely because of my deep concerns over that effort that I write.

President Obama has opened the flood gates to the unchecked killing of our youngest neighbors through legalized abortion. He has made it clear that Catholic and other Christian institutions will soon be forced to violate their conscience or face punitive consequences. Clearly, this administration intends to violate the constitutional rights of the Church under this unjust edict.

His Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius issued an Edict which demanded that  Catholic hospitals and institutions dispense contraceptives (some of which are abortifacients) and offer sterilization under the so called “Affordable care Act”. This government seeks to force the Catholic Church to violate conscience. Failure to do so will bring punitive measures from the new Caesar.

President Obama Speaks at National Prayer Breakfast (Video and Transcript) | ONLINE FELLOWSHIP – Christian Fellowship, Sermons, Gospel Music, Lyrics.

The Emergency Department in an ACO World –

In the era of accountable care, you’ll notice that many hospitals and health systems are already driving towards more collaborative workflow. The integrated delivery network (IDN) is changing significantly, and for the better. But in high-acuity care areas, like the emergency department (ED), the challenge of treating patients more holistically in what is already a fast-paced environment is concerning for physicians evaluating the pay-for-performance model.

The Emergency Department in an ACO World –

John Paul the Great Catholic University Students Build Businesses in a Down Economy


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On November 12th, The Wall Street Journal reached out to its Facebook Page to get a pulse on the difficulties young adults are facing in the down job market. Among the avalanche of comments from discouraged job seekers, Journal writer Leslie Kwoh highlighted recent JP Catholic business graduate Joe Connolly’s positive solution:entrepreneurship. “I just graduated in September,” wrote Connolly, “found two business partners and am starting my own company. Entrepreneurship is what made America great, and if we want to be great again, have jobs, a good economy, etc., we need to go back to our entrepreneurial roots.” Construction on Joe Connolly’s craft brewery is nearly complete, and they recently secured their licensing from the State of California.

John Paul the Great Catholic University Students Build Businesses in a Down Economy.