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What Employees Worldwide Have in Common

October 21, 2011

Regardless of country or region, employee engagement is linked to personal wellbeing, but there are significant variations

by Steve Crabtree

Globally, workplace conditions are strongly tied to personal wellbeing. That’s a key finding from Gallup’s recent study of employees in 116 countries. But does that finding hold up in all corners of the world? Mostly yes, though there are notable variations.

More than 47,000 employed respondents were interviewed for the 2009-2010 study, which included Gallup’s Q12 employee engagement items as well as various indicators of health and wellbeing. Gallup researchers looked at how employees’ overall life evaluations — which are used to classify them as thrivingstruggling, or suffering — varied according to their level of engagement at work. They also paid particular attention to how employees’ engagement levels related to their emotional and physical health, including their likelihood to experience enjoyment and anger the previous day and to have had three or more sick days in the past month.

READ FULL ARTICLE – What Employees Worldwide Have in Common.


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