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Cities: Where Good Jobs Are Created

October 13, 2011

Fixing major economic problems can only be solved one city at a time, says Gallup’s chairman

by Jim Clifton
Excerpted from The Coming Jobs War (Gallup Press, October 2011)

If you were to ask me, “From all the data you have studied so far, where will the next economic breakthrough come from?” my answer would be: From the combination of the forces within big cities, great universities, and powerful local leaders. Those three compose the most reliable, controllable solution. Their combined effect is the most predictable solution to America‘s biggest current problem, which is winning the global war for good jobs.

Economic booms originate in the souls of individuals and great cities.

The cornerstone of these three is cities, especially America’s top cities. All cities count and can contribute. But so goes the leadership of the top 100 American cities, so goes the country’s economic future.

Of course cities, like organizations and workplaces, exhibit wide variation in economic outcomes. Austin has flourished, while Albany has declined. Sioux Falls is booming, while Sioux City is not. Think how different Detroit’s outcomes are from San Francisco’s. Detroit went from being one of the most bustling economic cities in the world to one of the most spectacularly failed. One could even argue that citizens in San Francisco saved the republic and national job creation by leading the technology boom. One city is a drain on America, and the other continues to save it.

READ ENTIRE ARTICLE – Cities: Where Good Jobs Are Created.


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